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hello! :) i’m chloe, but you can also call me nico or whatever you know me as! i’m genderfluid (i think) and i might be bisexual maybe.. i love meeting new people, i’d love to be your friend! i get anxious really easily, so it might be a bit hard at first >_>
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. . .music, cats, anime, cartoons, alt fashion, percy jackson, ddlc, my friends, south park, the internet <3
+ ㅤ Don't Interact Ifㅤ • Posted : 6:06 AM
🎧. . . homophobic + transphobic + overall bigoted, devout religious (it freaks me out T_T i’m sorry), you’re anti kin or you reality check irls, you spread hate on my interests (that’s just mean), if you’re under 13, over 25, you say violent or offensive things (again it just freaks me out), you’re a part of shtwt or proanatwt
+ ㅤBefore You Follow ! Posted : 6:06 AM
🫀. . . I block people if i’m uncomfortable or upset (it’s not usually personal), i have a hard time carrying conversations for a long time, i get distracted and forget things reallyy easily hehe, and sometimes i have a bad temper
+ .IRLs:. natsuki [ddlc], c!tubbo [dsmp], nico di angelo [pjo], kokichi [dr]
i kin seriously !! -- ♡
+ #Interestsㅤ • Posted : 6:06 AM
🫀. . . percy jackson, doki doki literature club, poetry, writing, reading, baking, project sekai, music (melanie martinez, korpsebunny, crystal castles, pastel ghost, tv girl), youtubers and streamers, cartoons, anime (wonder egg priority, future diary, oran high school host club), indie (horror) games!
+ My Friends!ㅤ • Posted : 6:06 AM
🎧. . . danny, lumi, sunny, charlie, levi, gigi, nyx, kylo, daffy, toby, belle, lethe, u guys are so awesome and i love you all
i try to avoid yelling and swearing, good vibes around me plz :3